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The spa town of Poděbrady is a picturesque place to live and it is just as pleasant for recreation and, last but not least, spa therapies and wellness relaxation activities. The town is located in the Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic, on the river Labe 50 kilometres east of Prague with around 14,000 inhabitants. The history of Poděbrady reaches back to medieval times. In the most famous era – the rule of king George of Poděbrady – in the town itself or its immediate surroundings, you can fi nd traces of the famous Slavnik Dynasty, King Ottokar II of Bohemia, or Empress Maria Theresa.

Poděbrady obtained the status of town from the Czech king in the year 1472. A historic milestone in the life of the town was the year 1905, when it was visited by the German estate owner Prince von Bulow. This well-known water diviner found signs of a strong spring in the inner courtyard of the castle, which was later bored to a depth of 97.6 metres. The discovery of carbonic mineral water let to the opening of the fi rst spa in 1908. After World War I, Poděbrady rapidly changed into a spa town which, from 1926, specialized in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, rapidly gaining prestige not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad in countries including Austria, Germany, Russia and the United States. The fi rst thing to strike a visitor to the town is the castle, the oldest and most famous monument in Poděbrady, which looks down on the river Elbe and decorates George’s Square. It is impossible to overlook the monumental statue of King George atop a horse in front of the gates of the castle, created by the famous sculptor Bohuslav Schnirch.

Another famous landmark is the Church of the Exalted Holy Cross, which was built in the 14th Century and houses the tomb of George of Poděbrady’s fi rst wife - Kunigunde of Sternberg. The recent history of the town is closely associated with spa therapy. The discovery of the fi rst mineral spring in 1905 transformed this sleepy little agricultural town into a popular health resort.

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