Official Hotels

The official hotels for the European Race Walking Team Championships 2021 in Poděbrady are indicated below with the internet address of their home page where further details can be found. All hotels are situated in walking distance from the course.


Team Hotels

Hotel Libenský****

Address: Nám. T.G.M. 437/II, 290 33  Poděbrady I

Phone: 00420 325 606 333

lazne-podebrady.cz/hotel-libensky >



Hotel Libuše***

Address: Na Valech 254/II, 290 33  Poděbrady

Phone: 00420 325 606 777

lazne-podebrady.cz/hotel-libuse >



Hotel Zimní Lázně***

Address: Hakenova 464/II, 290 33  Poděbrady

Phone: 00420 325 606 888

lazne-podebrady.cz/hotel-zimni-lazne >



Hotel Zámeček****

Address: Husova 232/II, 290 33  Poděbrady

Phone: 00420 325 503 300

lazne-podebrady.cz/hotel-zamecek >



Reservations will be made by the LOC based on the accommodation requirements indicated in the Final Entries.


European Athletics Family Hotel

Hotel Bellevue Tlapák****

Address: Nám. T.G.M. 654/II, 290 33  Poděbrady

Phone: 00420 325 606 500

lazne-podebrady.cz/hotel-bellevue-tlapak >





Entry visas


Country VISA
Czech consulate
in your country
Czech consulate
in third country
Albania** yes Tirana x
Andorra no x x
Armenia yes Yerevan x
Austria no x x
Azerbaijan yes Baku x
Belarus yes Minsk x
Belgium no x x
Bosnia Herzegovina** yes Sarajevo x
Bulgaria no x x
Croatia no x x
Cyprus* yes Nicosia x
Denmark no x x
Estonia no x x
Finland no x x
France no x x
Georgia** yes Tbilisi x
Germany no x x
Gibraltar no x x
Great Britain & NI no x x
Greece no x x
Hungary no x x
Iceland no x x
Ireland no x x
Israel no x x
Italy no x x
Kosovo yes x Skopje
Latvia no x x
Liechtenstein no x x
Lithuania no x x
Luxembourg no x x
Malta no x x
Moldova** yes Chisinau x
Monaco no x x
Montenegro** yes x Beograd
Netherlands no x x
North Macedonia** yes Skopje x
Norway no x x
Poland no x x
Portugal no x x
Romania no x x
Russia yes Moscow x
San Marino no x x
Serbia**,*** yes Beograd x
Slovak Republic no x x
Slovenia no x x
Spain no x x
Sweden no x x
Switzerland no x x
Turkey yes Ankara x
Ukraine** yes Kiev x


* only Cyprus citizens whose passports are issued by the Turkish Embassy in North part of Cyprus

** Citizens of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, North

Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine can travel visa-free only with biometric passports.

*** Visa-free regime does not apply to holders of Serbian passports issued by the Special Coordination Directorate in Belgrade.

In case of problems or additional information, please contact the Local Organising Committee.



Final entries


Final entries indicating the names and individual logistical information (detailed travel arrangements, accommodation request and rooming list) of the competitors and of the officials must be received not later than 10 (ten) days before the event. According to the regulations the deadlines for the final entries are:

  • Opening of the final entries: 20 April  2021
  • Deadline for the final entries: 6 May 2021 (14:00 CET)



Travel to Poděbrady

Arrival by Aircraft

Official Airport and Arrival Information

The official airport, located 85 km from Poděbrady, is Vaclav Havel International Airport Prague, where the LOC will provide adequate welcome services.

Welcome Service

Upon arrival at Vaclav Havel International Airport Prague, the teams will be met by LOC representatives and transported to Poděbrady. Depending on the arrival times, the staff will always be present for assistance and coordination of arrivals and departures. After collecting luggage, team members will be escorted to the official buses by the welcome desk staff and taken to the team hotel. The transfer time from the airport to the official hotels is approximately 1 hour and will depend on arrival times given in the final entry system.




Arrival by Train

There will be no Welcome Desk at the main railway station in Prague. Teams arriving by train will be met by LOC representatives and taken to the team hotel, according to the arrival times given in the final entry system.


Arrival By Road

Teams arriving by road are kindly asked to go directly to their hotel, where representatives from the LOC will welcome them. Parking spaces will be available in Poděbrady free of charge.






The rules for entering the territory of the Czech Republic and quarantine measures are defined by the Ministry of Health and can be found here: www.mvcr.cz

Given the health situation throughout Europe and the uncertainties regarding its evolution during the year 2021, please note that a sanitary plan and medical clearance protocol may have to be developed according to the evolution of the pandemic to limit the number of people attending the event. European Athletics will be proceeding with a risk assessment and evaluating the situation in coordination with the LOC and the local authorities. In the meantime, the LOC continues to do its utmost to prepare the event to welcome the team members in the best possible conditions.




Kontakt / Contact

GSM: +420 601 377 887

E-mail: info@erwtchpodebrady.com